About SAS

Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui was born on 15th December 1964, at the only mega-polis of Pakistan, Karachi. His father Rafi Ahmed Siddiqui was an enthusiast of literature in his teens; he had served a Government department. His mother Syeda Shakeela Khatoon (late) was a very talented, multi-skilled housewife, with a superb command over language. His forefathers belonged to Hapur, Meerut (India). There has been a rich tradition of literature, both in his maternal as well as paternal sides, as there were and still there are several distant relatives who claimed recognition through their masterpieces. However, he has never met with most of them. His grandfather, Samiuddin Siddiqui used to write poetry in Punjabi and Poorbi, a dialect of Urdu, with no technical bindings. Sohail, though unaware of technicalities, at an early age, disliked and rejected most of his works. He himself started showing his rhyming talent, when he was merely a student of Class-III.
Academic & professional qualifications: MA, B. Ed, Certificate in French, FDP, CTC (Banking), Short courses in Office Automation & Typing, besides several workshops in Education

تحریک پاکستان۔۔۔تاریخ کے آئینے میں تحریروآواز: سہیل احمدصدیقی
پروڈیوسر: ربیعہ اکرم
پیشکش: ریڈیوپاکستان ایف ایم ١٠١ تاریخ نشر: یکم اگست سن دوہزارسولہ تا دس اگست دوہزارسولہ

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