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This website is all about Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui (Pakistan), a Poet (Urdu/English), Writer, Journalist, Educator, Broadcaster and TV Host. Previously, several web pages were available online regarding his literary and social services, but this is the first compact website that lets you know about his works and personality. We welcome your feedback and constructive criticism.

• The FOREMOST Pakistani Urdu poet to be included in 4 World anthologies, published in English from USA & UK-1992, 1993, 2002, 2002
• The ONLY Urdu poet to be included in World Haiku (English) anthology of World Haiku Club, UK, among 223 world poets
• Founding Editor/Publisher, Haiku International, the Pioneer & Only Multi-lingual Haiku journal of South Asia, with a World record of publishing Haiku-related stuff in 25 languages/dialects: 1998 onwards
• The PIONEER Quiz Champion of Pakistan to host his own TV Quiz-show, Mash'al Quiz, while creating a few unique records: Aired by Dhoom TV and Vibe TV-2009
• Winner of a Pak-Suzuki car in Neelaam-ghar, the then BIGGEST prize in Quiz in Asia: 1987
• ‘AA’-category Broadcaster (Radio Pakistan FM-101 and FM-93) and the most successful FM Talker on Religion for FM-101
• ‘A’-category Writer/Research from date of joining: January 1993-PTV