Translations of Sohail's Poetry

• Dr. Angelee Deodhar, an internationally acclaimed Haiku scholar and a poetess from India, had translated few of his Urdu Haiku into English and is eager to render the translation of entire anthology.
• Similarly, a Pakistani poetess Ms. Tanveer Rauf has also translated a few Urdu Haiku and a national song of Sohail into English.
• Zhanna P. Rader, a US-based Russian poetess had translated a few of Sohail’s English Haiku into Russian.
• A Serb poetess, Verica Zivkovic had translated one English Haiku of Sohail into Serbian.
• Two Seraiki poets, Arif Mansoor (late) and Imdad Nizami (late) had translated a few Urdu Haiku of Sohail into Seraiki.
• Mir Sagar had rendered Balochi translation of a few Urdu Haiku of Sohail.
• Besides several Urdu & Englsih articles on Sohail’s Haiku poetry, an article in Japanese language was written by Shahzad Niaz.

Urdu Haiku of Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui tr. by Dr. Angelee Deodhar
1. Khilti kaliyon may
tujh ko aksar dhoonda hai
komal chehron may
Budding blossoms -
I have often searched for you
in tender faces
2. Dil bhi kaisa hai
khwaishon ke dariya pi kar
bilkul pyasa hai
What sort of heart is this
Which drunk on oceans of longing
is still thirsty
3. Soye Qabron may
muddat se jo rehtay thay
har dum khabron may
Asleep in graves
are those who always remained
in the news
4. Mausam ki ho baat
ek kahani kehti hai
shabnam sari raat
If it's a talk of seasons
A story is told
by the dew ,all night long
5. Qismat se mat bhag
phool milay ya kaante hon
apne apne bhag
Don't run from Fate
whether there are flowers or thorns
in each one's lot