SAS as Professional journalist

Sohail had started his career as professional journalist in September 2014, when he joined Live Rostrum News Agency, as the Chief Editor.

SAS As TV Journalist

As free-lance television writer/researcher, Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui has the privilege of standing as 'A' category writer, ever since he joined Pakistan Television in January 1993- very few writers are there in the history of national hook-up, who earned this laurel, purely on the basis of merit. He has scripted several plays, research-oriented programmes, documentaries, children programmes, social roundups, for various channels, besides assisting a senior in the historic documentary, 'PTV ka Safar' (Journey of PTV-30 years), in 1994. He has contributed to some international events, in the capacity of Quiz compiler and judge, as well. A summary of his programmes is as under:

• TV Encyclopaedia for PTV: 1993-1996 (One year as sole writer)
• SAARC Quiz (English) for PTV: 1995
• Boojhiye, children Quiz+entertainment show for PTV: 1995-1996
• Hamara Show------do-------------------------------------: 1996
• Hamaray Chaand taaray: Children's magazine programme for PTV: 1996
• Chaltay hou tou Shehr ko Chaliye, social roundup for PTV: 1998
• Nunnhay Musalmaan for Pasha TV, London: 2001 (Re-telecast by QTV in 2005)
• Marhaba Ramzan for PTV: 2001
• Lub'back, Allahum'ma Lub'back, for Indus Vision: 2002
• Mini documentary on the death anniversary of Muhammad Ali Jauhar for PTV: 2002
• --------------------do------------------------------------Sir Abdullah Haroon-------------: 2002
• ---------------------do-----------------------------------Ch. Khaliquz Zaman------------: 2002
• Jou jaanay wo jeetay, mega Quiz for PTV: 2002
• Islamic Cyclopaedia for PTV: 2002-2003
• Kiya aap banaiN gay Crorepati for ARYdigital: 2003
• Documentary on Sea-view, Karachi, for ARYdigital: 200
• Many un-aired plays and other research-oriented programmes for PTV and various private TV channels. (Especial mention: Pakistan’s Business History for Aaj TV, before their launch in 2005).
• Guided compeers like Maya Khan (Boojhiye, Hamara Show and Hamaray Chaand Taaray), Mariya Jalali (Prizes Surprises, a pilot), co-compeers like Ahmer Sherazi and Mahwish Aijaz.
• Introduced 2 compeers: Rubina Musharraf and Zeba Humayoon in Pairaahan, an exclusive ladies programme for PTV-II (the then ETV), in 1996.
• Introduced Urooj Naz Nizami of FM-101 to TV, through own Quiz show, Mash’al Quiz, in 2009.
• Tried to introduce several others.