SAS and Extra-curricular activities

SAS and sports

Unlike other children, Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui showed less interest in sports, right from his childhood. Having played different outdoor and indoor games, he later became a little cricketer, while played football, briefly, as well.
* Sohail used to bowl wrist-spin, imitating former Test captain, Mushtaque Muhammad for a period of few years, then turned towards leg-spin.
* Being successful in spin bowling, he was the only natural choice for both school and college teams, as there was no other Spinner around. But, amazingly he turned down advices and calls from fellow students and teachers.
* He had also earned name as a wicket-keeper for some time.
* Sohail was very fond of doing running commentary over underway play, even while playing for a side. His fellows would suggest him to become a commentator, rather.
* Being very speedy, he was asked by the school teachers to participate in inter-classes open race competition, but, again, surprisingly, he denied. The audience saw the most unexpected scene, when Sohail jumped from the crowd into the field
to join the on-going race and instantly grabbed 3rd position. However, the angered teachers refused to award him, keeping in view his denial to participate, earlier.He had also done running commentary on a football match, played in the sports ground of F.B. Area, Block-16 in his youth.