SAS as Prose writer

In 1990, Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui entered the world of literature through prose and poetic translations, directly from French, followed by other languages like English, Persian and Sindhi. His first pieces of translation from French received warm welcome by Adeeb Sohail, a veteran penman and the editor of Monthly Qaumi Zaban. He also encouraged him to write reviews and articles, beginning with his own anthology, ‘Bikhrao ka Harf-e-Aakher’, followed by the same zealous and appreciative support of Shahzad Manzar. Shahzad asked him to pen down a critique on his book, ‘Mashrique-o-Maghrib ke Mashahir Udaba’, which he did laboriously. That’s how he started his writing career. As far as his English writings are concerned, he had begun the journey the same year he managed to do so in Urdu.

He has been warmly welcomed by almost all prestigious and esteemed periodicals and dailies of literary world, especially the part of world, where Urdu is widely known/spoken and accepted; thus called, ‘Urdu Duniya’ (Urdu World).

SAS as Essayist

Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui is an established bi-lingual essayist of Pakistan, with a large number of published articles, in both Urdu and English, most of them, literary. He, however, began writing for local newspaper, as a research-oriented writer. His main focus has been to pen down on various topics of history, especially the Islamic part. His earlier writings were in fact, counter-research on various so-called scholars, duly acknowledged as the masters of their subjects. His writings have been published by several dailies and journals of PAKISTAN, India, UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, USA, Canada, Kuwait and UAE. Some of them are international in true sense.