SAS as Educator

Sohail has taught up to Masters Level; his formal teaching experience of 8 years includes teaching classes up to Intermediate and O level.

Few credits as Teacher:
* The introducer of English teaching of Pak. Studies, at the Matric Branch of The City School, way back in 1989, while there was NO English text book, approved/available for the revised syllabus
* Some of his words became quotations in the City School, O level in the shortest span of time, like this:
'Every good teacher has to be a good teacher and every good learner may become a good teacher, as well'.
* Title of most outspoken teacher by The City School, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Senior (F) Branch (O level): 2001
• He was the pioneer in introducing SALAM in every period, instead of saying Good Morning etc, when he started teaching in Anglo Oriental School in 1985, at the ripe age of 20 years.
• He had introduced the pattern of giving remarks on students’ copies of Urdu in Urdu, during the afore mentioned job, in 1985.