Books by SAS

Published-In Urdu
• Islami Maloomaat-Swalun Jawabun (research-based Quiz)-1988, as Compiler had won extraordinary popularity from the concerned quarters.
• 'Urdu ke Mashhoor Ash'aar'-Aik Jaayeza (research)-2001
• 'Khushkun hai Pattjhad' (Pleasant is the autumn): personal Haiku anthology-2006. Available online, since 2008: (World’s Pioneer online Urdu Haiku anthology)
• 'SAARC KAHANI': Children Tales of SAARC (2008)
Published-In English
• Songs from the Land of Rising Sun: English translation of Jamal Naqvi's Haiku anthology, 'Naghmay Suraj des ke'-2000
• Hazrat Abu-Bakr Siddique: Hayat-o-Khidmaat
• 'Upni Upni Kathaaein': Folktales of SAARC
• 'Urdu ke Mashhoor Ash'aar'-Aik Jaayeza (research): Revised & enlarged edition
• 'Aik Aankh Routi hai': Collected personal short stories
• 'Khaama Firsaayee': Selection of personal essays
• Ummul-Momeneen Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua-Manqabat-Tarteeb
• UBL Sports History: 1975-1991 (English)-1990-91
• ICC Cricket World Cup-2015-Match Reviews for
• T-20 World Cup-2016-Match Reviews for
• 'As I knew them': Selection of personal pen-pricks
• Chechnya-The Symbol of Determination: Selection of personal articles on international politics
• My Zoo: A book of animals and birds of Karachi Zoo & Safari Park (English & Urdu)
• Essays (selected) by Sohail
• Reform Package for Pakistan-Conceived by Mirza Shahnawaz Agha-Edited by Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui
1. 'Uks-e-Raashedeen': Research-based biographical sketches of Sehaaba (the great companions of Holy Prophet) in Urdu
2. French-English-Urdu Dictionary
• There are approximately 700 published (including Online published) literary & journalistic writings (in English & Urdu), besides a few books on his credit.