Haiku By SAS

• Unlike Urdu Haiku, Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui had started writing Haiku in English, as soon as he was invited to contribute the same for the world Haiku contest, as a part of world Haiku festival, held under the auspices of World Haiku Club (WHC), UK, in 2000. He was invited to attend to the festival, present his article on native Haiku movement, besides contributing his own poetry, at the recommendation of Bill Higginson, world’s renowned Haiku expert of USA. He could not go there, due to visa hindrances. However, he sent his Haiku poetry and an article, ‘Japanese Poetry in Urdu’ (Available here for your reading and feedback).
• His Haiku included in the world anthology, ‘WILD FLOWERS, NEW LEAVES’ – A COLLECTION OF WORLD HAIKU, edited and published by Susumu Takiguchi, Chairman, World Haiku Club UK (2002) www.worldhaikureview.org
• In this way, he has become the first and only Urdu poet, from all across the world to attain the same place.
• His English Haiku have been included in World contest organized by Asahi newspaper of Japan in 2001, besides participation in other world Haiku contests, held from 2000 onward.
• One of his English Haiku has been discussed on www.earthlanguage.org as the feature Haiku, with Japanese translation.
• Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui is the only Urdu/Pakistani poet to participate in the world Haiku contest of Asahi Shambon, Japan, through mail and whose English Haiku have been mentioned and discussed on several websites, as feature Haiku or a representative of Pakistan.
• Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui is among only 3 Pakistani poets, besides Rashid Ghauri (Islamabad) and Nasim Achakzai (Quetta) to write Haiku in English. Wazahat Nasim and Iqbal Haider tried only a few times in English, while Dr. Wazir Agha, the most famous and senior Urdu poet has rendered English translations of his own Urdu Haiku.

Although, he has written quite a few Haiku in English, his poetry has been included in various world online magazines/websites, which may be sought through any search engine.
-I- Simply astounding
The way it touches my heart
Dancing rain falls down

Tranquillity prevails
The moonlight and shining earth
Is it sand or snow?
The storm has arisen
My heat, an empty island
Your sweet voice echoes!
[Written on the midnight of 20-21st December 2011]

The flowing water
Inscribe your name, darling
Oh my gloomy past!

[December 2011]

Girl gazes skyward
Tries to find her glowing moon
Dark and lonely space!
(Written: 28.05.2009 for the world Haiku contest, held by a Japanese magazine)
A leaf turns red
Her face too…
Someone has arrived
Blushing crimson
She tries to conceal
Her inviting bosom
The heavy downpour
drives me crazy
when I remember you
How crazy am I?
Drenched in the winter shower
only for you, sweetheart!
Dare I touch them
The light purple flowers
alive with your fragrance
Gazing restlessly
The peahen’s little steps
Remind me of you!
(The last Haiku was sent to shoukok@city.hekinaa.lg.jp)
[Originally written on 16th & 18th April 2005, these Haiku were modified, later with the help of Dr. Angellee Deodhar of India]
The scorching Sun
Sets my heart on fire, honey
Sand sparkles on beach
(Proposed for New Year’s calendar-2006 on 13.08.2005, while working for a client privately.) * Though I met a few
Overshadowed my gloomy past....alas!
You and only you!
* The snow-capped mountains
I notice glow in her face
Sprinkling fountains.
(Written: 26.11.2005)

-II- English Haiku by Sohail Ahmed Siddiqui-Written for the World Haiku Contest of World Haiku Festival, organised under the aegis of World Haiku Club, UK: Oxford-London (25-30 August 2000)
Big and shiny mangoes
I remember, time and again
Her healthy buxom
* Glittering dewdrops
Rolling down the prettiest face
Of bountiful world
* A bunch of flowers
My dreams come true, at last
Kids are kidding
* A jasmine flower *
Simple, sober, pretty, attractive
Unforgettable you are!
• Jasmine-the national flower of Pakistan
Turkish caps, all around
Pink, violet, yellow, red and white
Tulips and tulips!
* My flimsy dreams!
She sparkles and disappears
Like a lonely star.
The last Haiku poem of SAS is included in world anthology, ‘Wild Flower-New Leaves’, P. 209, compiled by Mr. Susumu Takiguchi, Chairman, World Haiku Club, UK-Published by World Haiku Club, UK-2002. www.worldhaikureview.org
In this way, he has become the foremost (and only, till date) poet from not only Pakistan, but also the entire Urdu literary world, to be included in a world Haiku anthology,
(Haiku International, Book-V, ‘Special Issue on Rais Alvi’: April-June 2001)

SAS-As Haiku Poet