Other Japanese genres and Sohail

1. Senryu
Sohail has the prestige of contributing the first ever comprehensive introductory article on Senryu in Urdu which was published by an Urdu quarterly Tasteer in late 1990s. He was very active in introducing practice of this unique genre, provided full support to several Urdu poets, including one who later published his anthology, without mentioning his support and guideline.
2. Haiki
When the Japan Cultural Center of the Consulate General of Japan, Karachi had tried to introduce Haiki in 2007, Sohail was the major support to this cause, as well. Only one session got a little success, while the 2nd could not take place, due to lack of interest of Urdu poets.
Sohail had started writing Waka in Urdu, when he was asked to present the one original in Urdu, besides a poetic translation of Japanese Waka in the Haiku Mushaaira of 2015.
4. Renga
Few years back, Dr. Manazir Ashiq Harganvi (India) asked Sohail to write an introductory essay on the foremost Urdu Renga in book form, rendered by Manazir and Faraz Hamidi. So, he wrote the same and that article was included in the book, as well. Earlier, he had also written articels/reviews on some other works of Dr. Manazir, including his English Haiku anthology.